About Me


I'm Chungyun Lee, also known as Victor, a Taiwan native who lived in Hong Kong. As an iOS developer with over six years of experience, I specialize in Swift and am passionate about leveraging technology to create meaningful and impactful user experiences.

Make something people want

Being a developer is not only about building but also about understanding the value that the product brings and how we can materialize it.

My experience

With over 6 years in iOS Development, most of my projects use Swift as the primary language. However, Objective-C was the language that helped me land my first job, which I learned from Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (opens in a new tab)

The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

But since Swift came out, I have fallen in love with its syntax that brings clarity and readability. I remember watching WWDC 2015 Session 408, the famous Protocol-Oriented Programming in Swift (opens in a new tab)1, which opened my mind to how powerful protocols can be. Swift also enabled Functional Programming (opens in a new tab), in contrast to Objective-C.

Throughout my career as an iOS Engineer, I've participated in building various types of projects, from a simple prototype integrating hardware to a back-end heavy real estate property portal app. These experiences are precious to me, not only because of the technical challenges but also for learning what "Product" should mean to users and how to communicate efficiently with the team.

Working in a company with diverse backgrounds has enabled me to facilitate discussions in cross-functional teams and given me the chance to learn about many interesting cultures from my teammates around the globe.

About Education

My career has also gravitated towards education, perhaps because my mom was a SEN teacher and my wife is also a teacher for lower grades. Education projects always attract me.

My journey in education began with joining an edu-tech startup in Taiwan in 2016, where I developed courses for teaching Computational Thinking. Later, I had the opportunity to lead the product design of a STEAM educational subscription box in Hong Kong. These experiences have had a profound effect on me, fueling a strong curiosity about the world and a passionate desire to share knowledge with others.

As I explored fields in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths), I discovered numerous ways to unleash creativity. This journey showed me how art, math, and science intertwine to spark imagination. It revealed the joy of combining different disciplines and making me eager to explore more of this creative world.


  1. The session 408 is not available on Apple at the moment, but can also watch WWDC16 Session 416 (opens in a new tab) for more information.