The Room

The Room

You enter a room, the room with medium size, with a couple of rolls of chairs and long tables.

You are not prepared yourself yet, you know nothing, unlike others seems well equipped.

You take out your laptop, the only tool that you can rely on, making the noise while taking the charger out and plug it into the power socket.

You awkwardly ask for the WiFi password, trying to make the connection, to the source of life, the essential Internet.

You take a deep breath, connected to WiFi...

"Why I'm here?", you asked yourself.

Learning, learning programming, coding, or whatever helps you to communicate with the computer, or things, or whatever can do the calculation for you.

This time is Ruby on Rails (opens in a new tab).

It seems easy to learn, you also watched a couple of online videos, but still, you just felt uncertain, about everything.

"Let's start from setting up the environment.", the teacher said.

Here it comes, the terminal, the command-line interfaces...

How the heck people figure out what command to type, how to pass the parameters, how to fix the error messages that saying some of your dependencies are wrong!?


You can feel some part of your heart is getting cold, but you are sweating like hell.

Two hours passed, you closed your laptop, wrap up your stuff, and walk out the door toward the metro station, and think about the class.

The thing is, seems there is nothing you take away from the class. You don't know what you've learned, or if there is any.

The End...

That... is my first programming class back to 6 years ago(2014).

So, Min, don't feel bad if you got the same feelings as I did, we all do, whoever started to learn the new things.

That's why I give up Ruby on Rails (opens in a new tab) and start learning iOS development. (joking...)

Anyway, if you now encounter the same thing, I can be the one to guide you.